Meet our CEO

I am happy to meet you here, to find out about OurGroup.

We are trying everyday to be better, help our customers and their customers with our products and strategical work, if you feel that you can help us, don’t hesitate to reach out, call or send us an email about you and what you can contribute with.

We can now look back on 2020 that was a year that we never seen or experienced before, with operations in many countries and verticals we saw customers struggling hard and others that had almost none impact at all on their daily business, we as many others had to adapt and adjust to the restrictions that was changes and also find new ways to help our customers, I think overall we did al good job, and that thanks to all our staff working, they did a tremendous work the whole year.

For 2021 we still have the challenges to adjust and be close to the market, I hope that we under Q4 can see some kind of normality coming back to the world, at least we keep praying for that.

Stay around our sites and social medias as many new customers and verticals will be announced a long the year, can´t wait myself!


See you around soon!


Best Wishes, Oscar Stenberg