Meet our CEO

Welcome back to us,  below latest about OurGroup.

We are trying every day to be better, and help our customers and their customers with our products and strategic work, if you feel that you can help us, don’t hesitate to reach out, call, or send us an email about you and what you can contribute with.

We can now look back on 2023 which was a comeback year after the pandemic and war in Europe, with operations in many countries and verticals we saw customers slowly starting to invest in new hardware and software to increase sales and customer satisfaction in their daily business, we also saw bigger chains started to investigate software in the market and we have some good chats with them and hope they will choose us for their future system,  at the same time we happy to announce that we closed with Nordic Fast Food AB (Sibylla), Frasses and also got Espresso House new franchise in Germany.

For 2024 we will keep up our work to be close to the market in all our countries, and to implement our new big and small customers and launch some new products in the QSR vertical.

Stay around our sites and social media as many new customers and verticals will be announced along the year, can´t wait myself! 

Thanks for taking your time to read and visit us,


Best Wishes, Oscar Stenberg